Homicide, Murder
& Capital Murder

The Most Serious Cases Call for the Most Aggressive Defense

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  • Homicide

    Homicide is defined as the killing of one person by another, and is the broad term that manslaughter, murder, capital murder, and many other charges fall under. Regardless of what homicide charge you are facing, the Knox Law Firm team is well equipped to handle your case with attention to detail and tenacity.

  • Murder

    A murder charge is as serious a charge as a person can face. Defined as the intentional killing of another person, the thought of the penalties can be suffocating. If you’re looking for aggressive and passionate defense, look no further than Chris Knox and the team at Knox Law. We have tremendous experience defending very high profile murder cases.

  • Capital Murder

    Capital murder is a murder charge with one or more caveats, typically an additional felony. A more severe charge than a standard murder charge, capital murder cases require a tough defense, with rigid attention to detail, and a clear understanding law enforcement and jury dynamics. Chris Knox and his team have award-winning experience handling very high profile murder cases, and are the right choice for you.